Our Services

Our center is dedicated to providing the highest quality services to customers with widely varying needs, abilities and limitations. Guided by our core values of respect, dignity and compassion, and informed by extensive experience in caring for the elderly, our comprehensive, personalized programs ensure that each individual and family member has access not only to the appropriate services, but to convenient, open avenues of communication. Whenever questions, concerns or issues arise, you can rely on us to be here for you.

Services and Understanding Go Hand-In-Hand

With combined experience totaling more than a century, our interdisciplinary team of nursing, clinical and support specialists are experts in the aging process and the care of the elderly. We also recognize and fully understand the often complex issues, problems, concerns and expectations that may confront our customers and their families. Based on that understanding, we are able to provide the services, education, guidance and treatment options to respond to virtually every need and situation – physical, emotional or psychological. Collaboration is a key to our success. Working closely with physicians, therapists, specialists and other health and wellness professionals, we are consistently able to meet wide-ranging treatment goals and address various aspects of care. For example –

  • Medications are closely monitored and managed to ensure they meet customers’ specific scheduling needs and often-evolving and co-existing requirements.
  • In addition to daily care by our skilled team of Registered Nurses, Advanced Nurse Practitioners, Licensed Practicing Nurses, Certified Nursing Assistants, and Therapists, customers have access to a host of medical specialty providers. Psychologists, Social Workers and Podiatrists are among the many healthcare professionals whose services are available whenever necessary.
  • Since nutrition has a direct impact on physical well-being, we closely manage our customers’ dietary needs. Planned by licensed nutritionists and dieticians, meals are designed to both please our customers’ palates and keep them healthy. Of course, we will also address individual dietary needs, documenting food intake and the customer’s weight so that we can remain alert to any changes that may occur and make the appropriate adjustments.
  • Our SigmaLink Rehab Services are also among the best in the industry. Customers who require physical, occupational and/or speech therapy receive highly individualized treatment and support, provided on-site by a dedicated team of caring specialists.
  • Activities and socialization contribute greatly to the quality of life customers enjoy at our center. Our Recreation Department creates a wide range of engaging and entertaining interactive events perfectly matched to the abilities of our customers. Each day our events calendar is filled with activities, games, parties and special guests that keep hands busy, minds stimulated and spirits high.
  • Care planning is another well-coordinated, on-going process designed to meet customers’ individual needs and goals. Conducted under the supervision of our medical staff, each facet of this process – from initial meeting to all subsequent changes or interventions – is collaborative and personalized. Importantly, we want every customer and his or her family to have a voice in how care is managed. Thus we encourage families and loved ones alike to partner with us in this effort every step of the way.